6 ways to get rid of your hair

Hair is like our skin. If it lacks moisture, it will become full and supple, so moisturizing is also the key to hair care. Therefore, in addition to eating more fresh vegetables and fruits in daily life, you should drink as much water as possible, and choose to use moisturizing and shampoo and hair care products, and lock the moisture in your hair through proper care. To make the hair not licking.

Hair moisturizing care method

1. Before washing your hair, first comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb, comb the hair, comb it from the end of the hair, comb the hair that is entangled at the end of the hair, and then from the hair. The real hair wigs roots are ripe and down.

2. After the hair is wet with water, the water is adjusted to a slightly warmer degree. The overheated water will make the hair dry and more likely to be rancid.

3, start shampoo, do not directly pour the shampoo on the top of the head, you must first pour in the palm of your hand, both hands shampoo shampoo and then evenly spread on the hair, and gently massage the hair and hair with the fingertips, then Rinse the foam with clean water. It can be washed again and again, and the massage time can be lengthened, usually 2 to 3 minutes.

5. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. The purpose of rinsing the conditioner is to close the matte film. During the shampooing process, the matte film is in the open state, in order to rinse the conditioner. Turn off the matte film, the water temperature can be adjusted a little lower than when shampooing, use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to close the hair phosphorus sheet to prevent hair damage.

6. Finally, after washing the hair, dry the hair with a clean towel, divide the hair into three bundles, squeeze the hair care products into the hands, spread the fingers into the hair, apply evenly, starting from the bottom layer, The hair bundle is placed between the hands and gently massaged to help the hair fully absorb the nutrients in the protective product. The other two hairs are treated in the same way. Finally, the hair is combed with a comb and blown dry with a hair dryer. Note that the hair care product should not be applied to the scalp and can only be applied evenly on the hair.

This is a simple hair care method in daily life. Every time you wash your hair, you will do so. Soon your dry hair will become soft and shiny.

How to wash the wig to get smooth

How to wash the wig to get smooth

Fiber wigs are useless, can’t change, only pruning themselves, whether it’s real hair or chemical fiber wigs
Be careful when washing your wig.

If the wig is curly, it must not be combed with a comb. If it is knotted, it can be applied with a hot hair in the knotted area. Then take care of it. Do not worry! Be sure to be slow and patient!

Wig care

If it is very hairy, it is not easy to deal with, because you need to buy a wig to protect it! It is the same as the clothes!

The hair wigs are like this, it’s been a long time. Or love static electricity, especially straight hair, when it’s okay, use softener and water to put it in a small watering can. When you have no time to spray a spray, how much will be better. After the spray is finished with a wooden comb, there is no way to scrape it off with a scraping knife.

Or just wash it. But first tell you, washing is not worse than it is now. When washing, use hair conditioner on the hair while grabbing and combing with a comb. After washing, it must be washed clean, hung in the natural dry, no matter when round Things hold your hair up and won’t deform!