Winter long curly wig

The weather has always become so sudden. From the early autumn, there is no warning to enter the early winter. In addition to the traditional warm things such as hats, the girls have another more fashionable choice! It’s a long curly wig, warm and can help. Change your look and give you a refreshing feeling!

NO.1 in the long curly hair wigs

The long hair curls magically help you make your face look small, and it looks very temperamental and elegant.

NO.2 neat bangs micro-volume long hair

If you are still afraid to try to tidy up the bangs or if it is too much trouble to trim, you may wish to buy a wig like this, which is easy and cute.

NO.3 inner volume long hair

This year’s hot inner-length long hair is full of gentle femininity. If you want to go to the peach girl, you can’t try it soon.

NO.4 black natural roll long hair

The black hair trend continues to blow, natural beauty has to love, every girl’s “black long hair dream” wig can also help you achieve.

NO.5 romantic princess wig

The hair is curly and romantic, and the bangs are cute. Who doesn’t want to have it, it is so simple to transform into a princess.

NO.6 wig + hat

If you feel that the wig is not natural enough, then put on a small top hat, which can cover up the shackles and more fashionable charm.

Long hair women’s essential hair care secret recipe

There are many types of hair styles. From the perspective of beauty and skin care, long hair styles are elegant and beautiful, but if you don’t care properly, it will easily make the hair knotted. So, how do women with long hair care for their hair? Next, introduce some hair care tips, and women with long hair can come to learn.

Long hair women's essential hair care secret recipe

1, diligent haircut

“The average hair growth rate is about 1.5 cm a month,” says the hair stylist. “If you want your hair to grow healthily, it’s best to cut about 8 mm of hair every eight weeks.” Her ultimate tip is “As soon as you see the fork, cut it off.”

2, less hair dye

In addition to the perm damage to the hair, the chemical composition of the hair dye and bleach can also damage the length and luster of the hair. If you want to change the color of your hair, use semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes, and it is best to choose the color that is closest to the hair’s natural hair color. If you dye your hair, you should also control the frequency. Frequent hair dyeing is very harmful to your hair.

3, a long end

When you have long hair, there is no need to spend too much care in the barber shop. “I like coconut oil very much,” says Stephens. “Just put a few tablespoons of coconut oil in your palm and then smear it in the hair to the end.” Wash them off after a few hours, or wash them overnight. Yes.

4, pay attention to blowing

Choose to air dry after shampooing because the high temperature of the hair dryer can damage the hair. When the hair is dry to 80%, apply a layer of thermal protection to the hair, then use a hair dryer and a round comb to manage the hair. Choose high-power hair dryers, those small hair dryers rely on high temperature to bake hair to dry the water, which is very harmful to the hair.

5, don’t let your hair get sweat

To avoid hurting healthy hair, we recommend sticking your hair at work. In this way, the rubber band will protect the hair roots, and the forked hair tips can be found in time.

Many friends will think that long hair wigs is simple and does not need to do care work, but it is not. Beauty experts suggest that long hair also requires regular trimming. Only when you have done a good job of hair care, can you make your hair look more beautiful. If you are also a long hair style, just try these hairdressing recipes.

Most popular long straight hair style

The girl with long straight hair style is beautiful and beautiful. If you want to tie a long straight hair style to the law, then you have to learn the five styles of the tie, and the long straight hair style is created by the good-looking tie-making. Presenting more distinctive effects and styles, let’s take a look at it now!

Long straight hair style

A nice long straight hair style, after a more cute texture, such as this flower-like open hair style, a cute and sweet feeling will bring a pure texture.

Long straight hair style

long straight hair style

In this long bangs under the long straight hair style, after weaving a nice twist, the long straight hair style is also embellished with this twist, which is sweet and charming.

Long straight hair style

A good-looking long straight hair style, because it is a long straight hair style with a fluffy texture. When it is built, the long bangs on both sides are tied into a twist, a small twist, let this fluffy long Straight hair style is more elegant.

First, put your long straight hair style into a low ponytail shape, and then turn it over, and a long straight hair style with a twisted curvature will be tied out.

Keep the original oblique bangs, and then use a high-headed effect to create a long straight hair style, and because the good long straight hair style can also be perfected by the effect of the bag head.

Beautiful girl with long black hair

Beautiful girl with long black hair

Black long hair has always retained the most original sense of purity, feel the most fresh and refined temperament, just need a fresh and elegant black long hair to kill a lot of hair color, the following is a small one Get up and feel the fresh long hair that looks like a hibiscus like water!

Beautiful girl with long black hair

long black hair

When the warm sun hits the body, you will feel the gentleness of that piece, a fresh and refined black hair with a long hair, simple draped over the shoulders, the quiet feeling of the years, it is really exciting !

When the breeze gently blows, the fresh and beautiful black long hair flutters in the wind, and the shyness of the girl’s bow is really giving more heart and soul, with more fresh and beautiful charm.

A long black straight hair, immediately turned her into a beautiful young girl, the pure sense of that brings more heart movement, simple and clean long hair does not need more decoration, simple is the best arrangement .

A white fisherman’s hat, a white dress is the most beautiful youthful, that black long hair fluttering in the wind, draw a beautiful arc, that fresh and natural to create more goddess for you Charming moments.

Girls who like this long hair and waist, don’t miss the black long hair style, simple and more beautiful, as if you can find your own perfect life in that hairstyle!

The combination of the setting sun and the long black hair, the fresh and dynamic sense of the heart is even more exciting, the long black hair in the middle with the one that belongs to you.

How long hair wigs are worn more naturally

Long hair beauty, do you like to wear a wig? Do you also feel that wearing a wig is really beautiful, but you can’t make such a beautiful natural effect. How to wear long hair with long hair, how is the picture for long hair?

long hair wigs

Wearing a wig will be more natural.

long hair wigs

How do you keep your hair from leaking and wear a wig with a beautiful natural effect? Do you want to know?

long hair wigs

First, braid the hair into two twists.

long hair wigs

Then use a small black clip to secure the hair ends of the bun to the back of the head.

Shake your head and feel that there is no shaking.

long hair wigs
Then start wearing the hair net, be careful not to break the hair!

long hair wigs

After wearing the hair net, then adjust the hair and put all the hair around.

long hair wigs

Then the steps to bring a beautiful human hair wigs are basically complete.