Winter long curly wig

The weather has always become so sudden. From the early autumn, there is no warning to enter the early winter. In addition to the traditional warm things such as hats, the girls have another more fashionable choice! It’s a long curly wig, warm and can help. Change your look and give you a refreshing feeling!

NO.1 in the long curly hair wigs

The long hair curls magically help you make your face look small, and it looks very temperamental and elegant.

NO.2 neat bangs micro-volume long hair

If you are still afraid to try to tidy up the bangs or if it is too much trouble to trim, you may wish to buy a wig like this, which is easy and cute.

NO.3 inner volume long hair

This year’s hot inner-length long hair is full of gentle femininity. If you want to go to the peach girl, you can’t try it soon.

NO.4 black natural roll long hair

The black hair trend continues to blow, natural beauty has to love, every girl’s “black long hair dream” wig can also help you achieve.

NO.5 romantic princess wig

The hair is curly and romantic, and the bangs are cute. Who doesn’t want to have it, it is so simple to transform into a princess.

NO.6 wig + hat

If you feel that the wig is not natural enough, then put on a small top hat, which can cover up the shackles and more fashionable charm.

These curly hairs always have one for you.

The curls that bring the goddess of breath have always been loved by your sisters. If you want to try it, don’t miss the following content. This small series will bring you some curly hair to see if it suits you. What about it?

Big wavy hair

The long, big wavy hair has always been the most popular hair style. Because the shape it rolls up looks like a wave, it has the title of big wave. It is easy to create a big wave of curly hair. The first condition is your hair. The length should be long enough, otherwise you can’t see the effect of the waves. The following sister’s this is the obvious big wave of curly hair. She also chose a flat bangs to match, the hair below and the chest look. It is very light and soft, and it gives a very awkward breath.

Princess hot curls

curly hairs

The hot hair of the princess is actually the ceramic hot in our mouth. Because it is hot, it gives people a princess style, so it is also the first choice for many beautiful women, and it is also the most common hairstyle for the popular girls in the society. Fluffy. The hair of the hair is slightly thin and the air bangs, it looks like a sweet and temperament.

Corn hot curly hair

Corn is hot and curly, because the hair that is hot is very fine hair curl, and the hair after the hot roll is similar to the Barbie doll in our eyes, so it gives a feeling of a cute hair style, but also a little So a little cartoon, the carefully crafted corn hot curly hair is extremely natural, fluffy and light yet elegant, it is one of the most popular hair styles in perm.

Egg roll hot curls

In recent years, the egg rolls that are popular in the hairdressing industry are actually made by our hottest pears. It belongs to the Korean hair style. Usually, there are many girls in Korean dramas who have this kind of curly hair. The shape of the head is actually based on the end of the hair to create a sense of harmony and weight, which adds a lot of small curls, and then arranged neatly and orderly, giving a hairstyle that looks like a instant noodles. .

Pear flower hot curls

The fashion trend of pear head curly hair, because it has a large face-lifting effect and does not pick the face type, it has always been pursued by the sisters, the cut shape is similar to the shape of a pear, so it has the name of pear head And the effect is elegant and cute, visually giving everyone a beautiful lady feeling, the slight feeling of revealing the charm of gentle and capable women, is a changeable and versatile curly hairstyle.

These hair styles are all different. I don’t know if it suits you. If you like it, you can try it out.

Medium long curly hair hairstyle

Medium long curly hair hairstyle, long hair style in this winter popular hair style

The long hair is the most common hair style in a girl’s hair style. Which long hair style are you going to try this long hair in the winter? Housewives’ hairdressing Xiaobian brings you a set of 2018 popular hairstyles with long hair curling hairstyle pictures, each one is very fashionable and versatile, and the design is also very novel. Let’s see which one you like.

Long hair curls

The long hair style of the long hair hot wave roll is really beautiful and very temperamental. The overall hair is hot and the large wave curl makes the hair look rich and full of texture, with a partial or middle point without bangs design, wearing a turtleneck sweater in winter, don’t worry about being bloated and clean, it is very fashionable. Yu sister temperament, like to get up quickly.

Long hair straight hair style

long curly hair hairstyle

Take the simple route of the sister paper, you can try this long hair straight hair style, it seems simple but not fashionable, the hair will naturally shawl, the long hair on both sides will be behind the ear, there is no bangs decoration in front of the forehead Pure and youthful, while dyed with light brown hair is very versatile, it is a pure hair style that is very suitable for students.

S-shaped curly hairstyle

Like this S-type curly hair hairstyle is very romantic and beautiful, the middle and long hair is more fashionable and temperament, the hair is very empty and the volume is very fashionable, creating a lighter effect, for girls with less hair. Hair style is especially suitable, you don’t need to be able to take care of it everyday, so the natural shawl is very horrible, and it can create a full feminine taste.

Medium length shoulder hair

The 2018 popular hairstyle is an indispensable one-length shoulder-length hairstyle, and the hair slightly breaks the monotonous and dull feeling. The forehead bangs creates the valgus roll design. Every day, the hair shawl is very sexy and the clavicle is beautiful. Hair, whether it is hair style or hair color, is very fashionable, and it is also a white hair style that is not picky.

Small curly hair

How does the middle and long hair look good? What is the volume of the long and hot hair? I believe this is the topic most beautiful women want to know nowadays. Ready to change the curls, you may wish to be like this, the whole hair is hot with a small wave curl, and the natural black hair is accompanied by a very pure retro feeling, painting a beautiful makeup, it is a fashion royal sister Fan.

Long hair in the second element

The long hair style of a girl is a versatile hairstyle that is not picky. No matter what kind of face and age, you can feel free to try it. If you like the cute and cute route, you can try to match the long hair with the short bangs of the second yuan. Wear a long coat and a beret in the winter. It is full of fashionable temperament and has a fashionable girl beauty.