What is the reason for hair loss?

Many people have lost their hair; serious hair loss will become bald, boys are okay, girls have to wear a human hair wigs before they dare to go out. What is the reason for hair loss? Some sins can’t be inexplicably accepted. Be sure to understand the reasons and be careful to prevent the disaster from being repeated next time. Let’s take a look at the reasons for losing hair.

What is the reason for hair loss?

Causes of hair loss 1. Nutritional imbalance

Unbalanced nutrition has always been one of the most important reasons for hair loss. The growth of hair requires a lot of protein, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. If there is a lack of certain nutrients, it will cause the hair to grow abnormally, resulting in hair loss all the time.

Causes of hair loss 2. External stimulation of the scalp

External stimuli are also the main cause of hair loss. External stimuli mainly come from perm, hair dyeing, pulling hair, hair, poor air environment, and poor cleaning. These stimuli directly damage the hair follicles, causing chronic hair loss, damage to the hair, and the hair becomes fine and soft.

Causes of hair loss III, excessive stress

A common cause of hair loss when mental stress is too high. Mental stress, fear or severe insomnia will cause more or less neurological disorders, and the capillaries are in a state of continuous contraction, so that the hair follicles do not have a continuous blood supply, so it is easy to lose hair.

hair loss

Causes of hair loss 4, related to disease

Some diseases or congenital diseases, excessive secretion of sebaceous glands or changes in the secretion of sebaceous glands can cause hair loss. In addition, iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism, scalp disease and fungal infections, lupus erythematosus, etc. are all diseases that cause hair loss.

Causes of hair loss, related to metabolic disorders

Improper diet and disorders of fat metabolism. Some young men like to eat meat and alcohol too much. When the body produces a lot of cholesterol, it can make too much sebum, thus affecting the blood supply of hair follicles. Blocks hair from normal growth and causes hair loss.

Hair loss prevention method

1. When washing your hair, do not use shampoo that is too alkaline. A strong alkaline shampoo will dry the scalp and hair and aggravate hair loss. We should use some mild shampoos that are not irritating to the hair and scalp, preferably anti-off shampoo.

2, if the hair loss is serious, do not wash your hair every day, it is best to wash your head again after one or two days. Because when we wash our hair, no matter what shampoo we use, if we wash it improperly, we will wash away a lot of hair. When shampooing, use both hands to gently wash your hair and gently massage the scalp to keep it clean and to make the scalp activating blood and reducing hair loss.

3, should quit smoking and alcohol, and develop good habits. Because smoking can irritate the skin of the head, causing the blood vessels to contract, affecting the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby affecting the growth and development of the hair. Drinking alcohol will increase the alcohol content in the blood and stimulate the scalp to cause hair loss.