How to take care of short hair

For short-haired hair friends, often after waking up, they will find that the hair style has changed. Beauty and skin care experts tell you that there are some small tricks for hair care that can make you easily create short hair. Next, I will give you some hairdressing methods for short hair girls to learn.

How to take care of short hair

1. Also use your fingers to shake your hair to make it fluffy and dry.

2. Divide the hair into two parts and use a thick electric coil to roll the hair at different angles.

3. Roll the posterior hair and the hair behind the ear outwards, and the top and sides of the head are bent in the vertical direction.

4. Use your fingers to lick a little wax and twist the hair into a line to make the lines cleaner and clearer.

These small haircuts can make your short hair obedient. There are a lot of tips for taking care of your hair. Learn more about hair care, which will make your hair care easier and more effective. In the process of hair care, we can choose the appropriate hair care method according to our hair condition.