Hair care knowledge: How to care and clean normal hair?

We often say that a person’s hair is not healthy and not normal, so what is normal hair? The so-called “normal hair” has two meanings: one is not thick and thin hair, the other is healthy hair that does not dry or oil. How should normal hair be treated and cleaned? What is the right way? What is the choice of hair style?

Many women with normal hair always think that their hair is too oily, which is actually caused by psychological factors. If you compare your hair style to the hairstyles in the magazine that have spent a lot of time and are often “filled” with your hair, you may even feel that your normal hair is too small.

Hair care knowledge: How to care and clean normal hair?

This is probably a misunderstanding. If you are not sure if your hair is normal, ask your hairdresser to help you. If it is determined to be normal hair, then you should be happy about it. Because this hair is suitable for a variety of hair styles, for example, you can leave long hair without difficulty, even if you cut a well-defined hair style, it will not make the hair look very thin.

In the course of care, normal hair is treated like healthy hair, and it may be too oily, too dry or defective. However, if the hair is shiny, elastic, and easy to comb when wet, then just keep it as it is when you care. Pay more attention to it, wash it with a mild shampoo or a substance with a mild cleaning effect.

In order to prevent the long hair styles from being overburdened by care, once or twice a week and once a month nutritional care is enough. After thoroughly rinsing, use your fingers to squeeze the water out, use a towel, don’t force it; avoid using utensils that may damage your hair, such as sharp-edged combs and hairbrushes, overheated hair or excessive days. show.

For normal hair, you can only consider your preferences, face shape and body proportions when choosing the ideal hair style. If your hair is just too little, you should accept advice for slim hair.