This little curly hair type is very popular this year.

Small volume perm is a very popular hairstyle this year. It is absolutely enough personality, stylish enough, and full of eye-catching effects. So, is there any good-looking small-volume perm hairstyle? Now Xiaobian brings a set of small-volume perm hairstyle pictures, so let’s hurry.

curly hair

This short curly hair style of small and medium-sized hair, hair cut to the position of the neck, and then the curvature of the small volume, can create a fluffy feeling, increase the amount of hair, sweet and light, with the bangs of the eight-volume more vitality.

Want to keep up with the trend, the short hair of small waves can not be missed, but also on the basis of Qibo short hair, hot on a small wave volume, together with Liu Hai also make a small wave micro-volume, especially suitable for girls with less hair Oh.

The small volume of the noodles has a short hair, which is a perfect match for the V-faced girl. The face-lifting hairstyle is only suitable for you, perfecting the advantage of the face, and then a very hot apple head is more suitable. A cute and cute girl.

This small volume of perm hair style, together with the bangs made a small wave roll, a very personalized hair style, shoulder-length long hair hot on a small volume, slightly fluffy, so cute temperament doubled, very avant-garde Hair style.

The long straight hair style, the hair is hot and the texture is very strong, and the volume is increased. The overall temperament and fashion sense is also increased by a few degrees. The whole person looks softer, playful and sweet.

The long-haired girl can burn a small wave of wheat, and the fluffy little volume will give you a feeling of romance and warmth. The overall temperament of the air bangs is sweeter and more lovely.

The small roll of instant noodles will be a little exaggerated at first glance, but it is a very eye-catching hairstyle, especially for girls with small hair volume. Small rolls of noodles must be tried, and you must not think about this hairstyle. Very good care, you can quickly go out with your hand.