Six styles of short curly hair recommendation

Six styles of short curly hair recommendation, that is your unique time

A simple and clean short hair style is also a fashion sense of style. Let’s take a look at these six different styles of short curly hair styles. There are various fashion experiences in various styles to make you feel. The fashion charm of that one is also your unique time!

Six styles of short curly hair recommendation, that is your unique time

Fluffy lazy short curly hair comes with the elegant and charming goddess temperament, exudes a little charming atmosphere in the sun, the breeze through a little messy feeling, but also inadvertently let you feel the press The lazy goddess temperament.

The warmth of the middle part of the curly hair, hair tail slightly curled, with a little fluffy, can perfectly modify the face, but not too high-profile, such fresh and gentle feeling is really exciting !

How to make more fashionable hair curls, similar to the shape of instant noodles, but it will not look particularly broken, with brown hair color will be more suitable for autumn and winter, fluffy air bangs is You bring that cute sweet smell.

Fairy perm style, a straight short hair directly into a fluffy small volume, while adding a fluffy feeling, but also make short hair more fashionable and temperament, but Xiaobian still advises the average person not to try it easily, because it will be very obvious A messy feeling!

The black shoulders are short and hot with a little curly hair. The girls wear a fresh and sweet overalls. The short curly hair is more cute and cute. The short black hair has the youthful vitality. !

It doesn’t matter if the short hair style is too short. The design with the curly hair will also become very beautiful. With a little fluffy feeling, the face is slim and more temperament, you are still hesitating, hurry up!