Seven hair care tips to help you with easy hair care

Seven hair care tips to help you with easy hair care

Hair is the most natural and supple substance of the human body. Although human science and technology are developed, it can’t control the direction it is hoping for. It is not what our brains can take. As the pressure of modern life continues to rise, people’s hair seems to In the face of severe tests, if you can’t effectively care for the hair, the damage is not only the image is so simple, in fact, hair care is not as complicated as we think, sometimes it may be just a small habit, or a fruit Make it work. So what method can play a role in hair care?

1, first blow the roots

Don’t blow your hair first, the water that penetrates the roots will make you useless. Blow the hair roots first, then blow the hair ends, or let the hair tips dry naturally to minimize the damage of the hair dryer.
2, combing hair

Combs are common to everyone, but it is a great maintenance method. The hair comb is a kind of physical massage. The root of white hair is weak and malnourished. Therefore, there is the idea that “the hair is not white and the hair is not white”, that is, the hair comb can prevent the hair from turning white. Diligently combing the hair can not only keep the scalp and hair clean, but also accelerate blood circulation and increase the nutrition of the pores, thus preventing the whitening of the hair.

3, spray

Don’t forget to give your curly hair hydrating, choose a disposable hair care spray, carry it with you, quickly eliminate the static electricity from the hair, make the hair easier to manage!

4, warm water

Some people like to wash their hair with hot water. Although hot water can give you a refreshing moment, it will take away the natural “protective umbrella” of the hair – sebum. The best choice is warm water shampoo. After each shampoo, massage your fingers for a few minutes to promote blood circulation in your head.
5, massage

Only the scalp blood supply is sufficient, there can be a black hair of the black army, massage the head can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, promote the metabolism of the hair’s blood circulation, make the hair moist and bodybuilding. Often comb hair knives have the effect of massage. It is best to use bones, wood products, combs and combs that are blunt and combed. The combs are not too strong and can be combed with five fingers instead of combs.

6, naturally dry

After washing your hair and drying it with a hair dryer, the protein and water in your hair will be lost, making your hair dry and losing its elasticity. Therefore, after shampooing, use one side of the large towel to dry all the water on the hair, then use the other side to dry the back of the brain, and then use the natural breeze to make the hair completely dry.

7, go to bed and raise hair

Only when the blood is filled with hair will the hair be soft and shiny, and the liver is the blood-forming organ of the human body. The theory of Chinese medicine, people must sleep in bed before 11 o’clock every night, the liver can detoxify, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the liver, which will lead to poor blood flow. Hair dry, hair loss and so on. Therefore, getting up early and getting up early will also help the hair to be supple.