Medium long curly hair hairstyle

Medium long curly hair hairstyle, long hair style in this winter popular hair style

The long hair is the most common hair style in a girl’s hair style. Which long hair style are you going to try this long hair in the winter? Housewives’ hairdressing Xiaobian brings you a set of 2018 popular hairstyles with long hair curling hairstyle pictures, each one is very fashionable and versatile, and the design is also very novel. Let’s see which one you like.

Long hair curls

The long hair style of the long hair hot wave roll is really beautiful and very temperamental. The overall hair is hot and the large wave curl makes the hair look rich and full of texture, with a partial or middle point without bangs design, wearing a turtleneck sweater in winter, don’t worry about being bloated and clean, it is very fashionable. Yu sister temperament, like to get up quickly.

Long hair straight hair style

long curly hair hairstyle

Take the simple route of the sister paper, you can try this long hair straight hair style, it seems simple but not fashionable, the hair will naturally shawl, the long hair on both sides will be behind the ear, there is no bangs decoration in front of the forehead Pure and youthful, while dyed with light brown hair is very versatile, it is a pure hair style that is very suitable for students.

S-shaped curly hairstyle

Like this S-type curly hair hairstyle is very romantic and beautiful, the middle and long hair is more fashionable and temperament, the hair is very empty and the volume is very fashionable, creating a lighter effect, for girls with less hair. Hair style is especially suitable, you don’t need to be able to take care of it everyday, so the natural shawl is very horrible, and it can create a full feminine taste.

Medium length shoulder hair

The 2018 popular hairstyle is an indispensable one-length shoulder-length hairstyle, and the hair slightly breaks the monotonous and dull feeling. The forehead bangs creates the valgus roll design. Every day, the hair shawl is very sexy and the clavicle is beautiful. Hair, whether it is hair style or hair color, is very fashionable, and it is also a white hair style that is not picky.

Small curly hair

How does the middle and long hair look good? What is the volume of the long and hot hair? I believe this is the topic most beautiful women want to know nowadays. Ready to change the curls, you may wish to be like this, the whole hair is hot with a small wave curl, and the natural black hair is accompanied by a very pure retro feeling, painting a beautiful makeup, it is a fashion royal sister Fan.

Long hair in the second element

The long hair style of a girl is a versatile hairstyle that is not picky. No matter what kind of face and age, you can feel free to try it. If you like the cute and cute route, you can try to match the long hair with the short bangs of the second yuan. Wear a long coat and a beret in the winter. It is full of fashionable temperament and has a fashionable girl beauty.