How to look good in Rinka Haircut wig

I believe many girls like Rinka Haircut wig, which is one of the curly hairstyles. In order not to damage their hair, many people will buy some Rinka Haircut wigs to wear. Beauty skin care experts suggest that Rinka Haircut wigs will affect your hairdressing effect if not properly handled. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the nursing skills of Rinka Haircut wigs.

Rinka Haircut wig washing method

Rinka Haircut wig

1. Soak the Rinka Haircut wig to about 10 minutes in the water that has been added to the shampoo.

2, take the starting sleeve, then rinse the wig with water, add a proper amount of conditioner to soak the wig for 5 minutes in warm water, then rinse with water.

3. Dry the human hair wigs uk gently with dry hair. Never use a hair dryer to dry the wig.

4. Drain the hair’s moisture and let it dry naturally, but avoid direct sunlight on the wig.

Rinka Haircut wig Precautions

1. Don’t comb the wig with a comb. If you want to comb the wig, it is best to use the comb that is specially equipped when you buy the wig.

2. Do not blow the wig with a hair dryer. The wig should be placed on the rack to dry naturally.

3, wigs can not be perm and dyed hair.

4, can not wash the wig with hot water. Do not use your hands to lick the wig while washing the wig. Soak it for ten minutes.

The above is the correct way to manage Rinka Haircut wigs. If you like Rinka Haircut wigs, you should pay attention to daily maintenance and care. Be aware that as long as the Rinka Haircut wig is properly handled, it will extend the life of the wig and your hair will be more perfect.