Fluffy thick curly hair DIY

Hairstyles with fluffy thick curls are the desire of many beautiful women, but for some MMs with rare hair, even if they use electric coils, they are not rich enough. Today, I love you to use the electric roll to create a thick curling method, so that the hair looks more fluffy and natural, what are you waiting for? Come and learn!

Rich curly hair DIY steps

curly hair

1. Divide the hair into four layers, each with 5 to 7 hair bundles.

2. Use your fingers to wrap around the hair ends of the hair bundle and twist the hair bundle (the direction is twisted forward).

3. Using the electric coil, the direction is wound backwards. It should be noted that the direction of the twist must be opposite to the direction of the coil.

4. Complete the first bundle and twist the second bundle.

5. The second bunch of twists (one then goes around)

6. Completed the winding of the whole electric coil (we can see that the whole head presents a bundle of curls)

7. The right real hair style demonstration

8. Use a large comb to open the curl

9. The finger tears the bundle of curls

10. Continue to tear open the curl

11. Finally, use your fingers to fluff your hair.