2018 Korean short hair style

In the period of short hair and hot, for the girls who love beauty, don’t give yourself a chance to try short hair. You must not know how beautiful you are! So, which one is the best for girls? Hairdressing Xiaobian brings you a set of Korean short hair styles, there must be a very suitable for you!

Girls short hair style

2018 girls hair style hair is still very hot! For beauty, you want to change yourself and start with a hairstyle! ! But if you don’t give yourself a chance to cut short hair, you feel sorry for yourself! ! ! So, how do you cut short hair? Which is the most fashionable temperament of short hair? Hairdressing Xiaobian for everyone to share a group of 2018 most popular short hair style, which one like to cut!

No bangs short hair style

Speaking of short hair for girls, Xiao Bian is the first to look like this simple but very capable short hair style. The short hair is trimmed to the chin part, and the tail is slightly buckled to create a soft and feminine atmosphere. The design with the bangs design is refreshing and simple and generous, and the whole short hair creates a fashionable style.

Short bangs short hair style

Natural black hair with short hair is not old, but also very fashionable and retro style, with a short bangs on the forehead to create a playful second-generation girl style. I wear sunglasses on the outing and apply red lipstick makeup. It is amazing to show off my sister’s breath.

Student short hair style

The short human hair wigs is trimmed to the lower part of the ear, and the tail is trimmed neatly. The bangs with the eyebrows add mystery. It is a short hair for students who are very suitable for the college style. For girls who like Lori style, it is worth trying, and it will definitely let you take a break from the minute.

Bobo head short hair style

The Korean girl’s big love is short-haired and short-haired, and the short hair is more fashionable after dyeing. Golden hair is the main style of white hair color, with no bangs design, everyday feels very charming, ready to change short hair girl paper, this short hair is good hair style or hair color.