What are the common tools that you can use to know hairdressing and haircut?


Massage comb: fat and round, there are many comb air cushions, the main function of this comb is to massage the scalp, promote blood circulation of the scalp, is very good for hair growth.

Bristle comb: The highest density, although there is no effect of massaging the scalp, but it can be used to comb the dust on the hair, and it is especially easy to use. White piglets are soft and suitable for small children (people who are afraid of pain).

Flat comb: The comb surface has only the thread instead of the entire surface. It can finish the flat hair. It is very suitable for ladies with long hair, so it is easy to comb the hair before going out.

Styling comb: It is a comb used for modeling with a hair dryer, also known as a professional comb. The appearance is long in the shape of a roller to facilitate the blowing of the hairstyle.

Plastic comb: This kind of comb is very common, it is easy to generate static electricity, tangled hair, but the pointed plastic comb can play the role of hair splitting.

hair dryer

Diffusion type tuyères: This hair dryer tuyere is an outwardly expanding shape, suitable for the curls that have just been shaped, so that it can maintain a rich, elastic and full texture for a longer period of time.

Negative ion type: Produces negatively charged ion particles during work, neutralizes the positive charge that is often found in the hair, so that it can be smoothed, smooth, and static.

Nano-ionic type: Ultra-fine particle treatment of water molecules in the air, increasing the water content by about 1000 times, moisturizing the hair deep, tightening the scales, thereby reducing the loss of moisture and nutrients, and having a good maintenance function. Suitable for very dry hair.

Ceramic infrared type: It is characterized by lower radiation than ordinary hair dryer, suitable for pregnant women and children.

Ultra-quiet: This type of hair dryer is usually lighter in weight, but the wind is not small enough for people who can’t stand the noise of blowing.

curls hair

curls hair

Sponge curling iron: The biggest advantage of this kind of curling iron is that it does not hurt hair. When you wash your hair and then dry it, use this kind of curling iron. Even if you go to sleep directly, it will not hurt your scalp. Remove them and take care of them the next day. Just fine. Suitable for small curls.

Sponge Bayer Hair Roll: It also does not hurt the hair. It has different diameters and can roll out different sizes of wavy curls inward and outward.

Sponge long hair curls: curling in the way of curling, does not hurt the curly wig, easy to operate. Suitable for rolling out messy, airy waves.

Sponge ball curling: Sponge-like curling ball, the biggest advantage is that you can sleep with it, no obvious foreign body sensation. The downside is that it is not easy to roll up.

Hair Dispenser: Put all the hair into the middle of the vacancy, roll up and then fold into a circle to get a neat ball head.

Hair straightener

Shape: X-shaped and V-shaped, X-shaped is the shape of the classic straight hair straightener in the early years, now more V-shaped, not only smooth and beautiful, but also can bear the functions of straight hair and curly hair.

Material: The ceramic panel is smoother and does not hurt the hair, and the aluminum panel is more damaging to the hair.

Function: negative ion type hair suitable for hair, steam type suitable for dry hair, nano ion type suitable for people with severe hair damage.

Card issue

Liu Hai style clip: After a special arc design huge width size, the whole piece of bangs can be wrapped in a complete shape, and the simple way of use can take care of the star-like curvature.

U-shaped hairpin: suitable for use when the hair is issued, which plays a fixed role.

Liu Hai magic post: When you feel that Liu Hai is in the way, and you are afraid of destroying the hairstyle, then just put this baby on the curtain and gently affix it, the curtain will be honest.

Disc hair tool: suitable for the use of the meatballs.

Ball head tool: You can weave the ponytail like a petal, bit by bit into a large flower-shaped ball head. Suitable for MM with more hair volume.

Spiral hairpin: As long as the hair is pulled out and then loosened, the hair can be fixed, which is very convenient.

Electric roller

Electric Comb: The curls also have the effect of combing the hair, making the curls more shiny.

Automatic curling iron: You don’t have to roll your hair on the stick yourself, just pull the hair into the circle and you can roll out the wave directly, which is very simple.

Spiral electric coil: It can make the hair curl more accurately, and the waves are more neat and regular.

Straight-type electric coil: As with ordinary curling irons, coils of different sizes are rolled out without a diameter rod.

Three-bar electric wand: The latest popular style, suitable for egg roll heads, can be used for large-scale curling, suitable for women with long hair.