people who love hair dye should pay attention to

People who love hair color should pay attention. According to news reports, a 14-year-old British girl, Chloe, has a beautiful and beautiful face. Later, after a semi-permanent hair dye containing phenylenediamine, the eyes and cheeks of Chloe began to become swollen within 48 hours. The strong allergic reaction caused her neck and the face to swell twice as much as usual. And with other symptoms such as breathing annoyance and vomiting. The family quickly sent her to the hospital for treatment.

The heart of beauty is there, but health is the most important thing. Some doctors believe that dye hair is a very harmful body, poor health, people who have an allergic reaction to dye hair should not dye hair. Ordinary people want to dye hair to pay attention to some matters needing to dye hair, hair dyeing skills.

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Before skin dyeing, you should do a skin test. No matter what brand of hair dye is used, it is safer to do skin test before dyeing. Apply the hair dye to your wrist and wait for it to dry naturally. If you have swelling and itching of your wrist, you should not use this hair dye product.

The scalp is wounded or scratched and is not suitable for hair dyeing. Hair dyes have a lot of harmful chemicals that can cause inflammation when exposed to the wound. Do not shampoo with shampoo before dyeing. Rinse the oil on the scalp with shampoo to protect the scalp.

Do not dye your long hair within 3 months after dyeing. Repeated hair dyeing will increase hair damage and burden. Hair dyeing will damage the scales, and dyeing the hair again will cause the scales to be hurt when they are not resting. Hair loss will appear. Pregnant women are not suitable for hair dye during pregnancy. Exposure to chemicals is not good for the fetus and may affect the healthy growth of the fetus.