Middle-aged and old men’s wig care and maintenance

Cleaning of middle-aged and old men’s wigs

Washing male wigs is learned. When washing the wig, first immerse the fake in warm water (20~30 degrees is better) for about 3 minutes. When the water temperature is too hot, the life of the wig is reduced. In the process of cleaning, use a small amount of soft shampoo with hand-washing. Do not use excessive force or soak for a long time. Never throw it in the washing machine. It may cause the wig to be directly scattered.

Generally high-quality wigs may be woven from real hair wigs, so you can use some hair care products to keep the wigs shiny, such as conditioners, etc., but when you don’t use wigs for a long time, Wash thoroughly with water and do not leave any hair care products on the wig.

old men's wig

Middle-aged and old men’s wigs

Some advanced men’s wigs have adjustable hair clips that are adjusted to the most appropriate size, while the wigs are excessively pulled. As with normal people’s hair, do not over-stimulate wigs in time with wigs, such as being exposed to the sun, being soaked by acid rain, being pulled, etc., which is not conducive to the maintenance of wigs.

the placement of middle-aged and old men’s wigs

If the men’s wig is not used for a long time, be sure to pay attention to the method of storage. First, thoroughly clean the wig, do not let any chemicals remain on the wig. Before storing the wig, let the wig be completely air-dried and stored, and the residual moisture will cause corrosion. Store wigs in a dry, ventilated area to extend the life of the wig.