Fashion human hair wig hairstyle

Choose a good human hair wig, you can keep your natural hair, not damaged by chemicals, and you can try new styles. A good human hair wig, in addition to its shape, but also to emphasize its realistic connection characteristics, today take everyone to look at the following five super-realistic texture wigs.

Light brown straight human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face square face goose egg face
If the current hair color has become uneven and lustrous, choose this wig, and after wearing it, it looks as if it has just come out from the salon, and it has a glossy appearance, and the face becomes more white and red. The thin air feels like bangs and increases the fullness of the forehead. The same length of hair on both sides of the front can modify the angular lines of the square face to make the face lines softer. Long hair, in an instant, lengthens the proportion of height and becomes more elegant and dreamy.

Short brown human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face
If you don’t want to stick to long hair, choose this shoulder-length short hair is very suitable! Coffee color, fashion and fashion. Casual bangs are very easy to use to reduce the size of the face. This short hair is a straight hair type, straight hair short hair makes people feel more refreshing, very suitable for casual and free and easy MM! If you like big change, try a fresh short hair style!

human hair wig

Wine red curls human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face, goose face, long face
With a bit of wild temperament, coupled with the color of the wine red, spikes become the shining princess on the street. Without long enough hair wigs uk, it is difficult to make this long curly hair effect. After picking this wig, on the basis of the original, you can easily and quickly meet this wish. The curl is relatively irregular, belonging to the large volume, the tail of the inside and outside curling, very provocative taste. Very suitable for MM with personality and confidence!

Black long curly human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face, goose face, long face
Natural black hair color can instantly become very low-key and casual. bangs creation is perfect for refining the face and becoming more sweet and cute! Under the chest, the length of the curl above the waist, subtly changes the overall proportion, looks slimmer! Moderate curl, become More feminine!

Short human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face
This short hair wig wig adds a Korean-style feel to the kawaii like a Korean girl. Copper red hair color, very fashionable. The bangs with irregular lines are sweet and cute. The whole shape is playful and individual. If you want to change the monotonous long straight hair style, just choose this one!