7 ways to use wigs correctly

1. Wigs are classified according to the quality of materials, and there are two kinds of genuine hair products and chemical fiber products. When the real hair products leave the human body, they lose their nutrition, are easy to wither and deform, and also spread diseases; chemical fiber products are practical and economical, and can also comb all kinds of hairstyles. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose chemical fiber products.

2. When purchasing a human hair wigs uk, be sure to try the hair set a little more than the head, so as to avoid affecting the blood circulation of the head; you can use the hair clip when you wear it to avoid being blown off by the wind.

3. Pay attention to your hair color, skin color and face shape in the choice of wig color. For people with white complexion, suitable for brownish yellow and light brown; for those with darker skin, black, brown and black should be used. It’s best to use the same or similar color as your original hair color, which looks natural.

4. Wigs should also be combed frequently, and they should be groomed every day. For hot wigs, they should be combed from top to bottom or from bottom to top in the direction of the waves.

5. Carefully maintain the wig, rub the hair every few days to keep the hair bright.

6. After using the wig for 1-2 months, clean it once. The method is to first clear the hair, the shampoo water is preferably warm water, or add appropriate amount of shampoo in warm water, while washing and combing, do not rub with your hands; wash and rinse with water in the direction of the hair, Use the product to dry the water, then dry it in a cool place and cover it with a plastic bag.