How to tie up the long hair is a trick

How do simple hair styles change? Beauty skin care experts suggest that you can try it out. How do you get the best look in the middle and long hair? Next, I will introduce you to Xiaobian, about the hair extension of the middle and long hair, as long as you study hard, you can get the perfect hair style.

Hair style one:

Simple hairdressing with the princess head, armed with the most casual dress, with autumn clothes is more suitable!

Hairstyle 2:

Sweet hair with hair style, confident and messy curly hair, with bib pants, cool and lovable!

Hairstyle three:

Simple natural hat hair curls how to make hair, pure fashion veil and cute little jacket, simple and lively, very unique personality.

Hairstyle four:

Lively flower taro, dynamic and temperament, elegant and generous fashion style, lovable.

Hairstyle five:

Fluffy casual hat hairstyle, with a simple attire, very late summer feel.

Hairstyle six:

Confidence in the bangs, the sleek look, lively and lovable appearance, more and more lovable!

The above is the long hair of the middle and long hair. Simply braiding will make your mid-length hair more changeable. There are quite a few tips on how to build a medium-length hair. You can choose the hairdressing method that suits you best according to your hair style. Come and learn some hairdressing tips.

Tips for managing curly hair

There are tricks to manage curly hair, don’t be fooled, or your curly hair may be so waste. What are the techniques for managing curly hair? Let’s get to know it.

Professional hairdressers believe that the most important thing to take care of curls is not to use combs, whether it is a fine-toothed comb or a wide-toothed comb, you can use your fingers to manage your hair perfectly. The comb pulls the fragile hair after the hot dyeing, and it is not easy to maintain the durability of the curl with a comb.

1. Comb with a large tooth comb or use a finger instead of a comb. Remember, don’t comb your hair when your hair is dry, it will comb the roll.

2, after washing, use your hand to point around the hair, so that the hair roll looks good after blowing.

3, when blowing to the seventh dry, use elastic. Then wait for the hair to dry naturally.

4, I suggest you do regular care, although the curl is relatively straightforward damage, but the curl is very easy to break, especially in the comb, so it is best to regularly care the most, or you will find that after 1 year, the hair is very Less, I am like this, depressed to death.

curly hair

5, if you feel hair twitching, when the hair is dry, use a small amount of elastin or water, and gently massage the hair on the hair.

6, take care of the following curls, you can use the index finger for spiral winding action, plus the hair dryer while blowing around, until the hair is dried, do not pull the hair curl when winding, will destroy the durability of the curl. To manage the curls, to maintain the bulkiness of the hair on the top of the head, you can use the hair dryer to blow the hair on the top of the head quickly.

7. Wet your human hair with warm water every morning. Dry the excess water on your hair with a dry towel until you don’t drip. Bend your hair all the way to the front, then gently and evenly spread the hair with both hands. In the near hair, do not rub your hands along your hair. After the hairdresser teaches you to complete this step, you can straighten up and use your fingers to set the hair from front to back, so that the hair’s dividing line is naturally formed, so that the hair on the top of the head is fluffy and natural. To achieve better results, you can repeat this multiple times. action.

2018 autumn wig hairstyle

2018 autumn wig hairstyle, In this issue, I recommend several 2018 autumn wig hairstyles to create a sleek and trendy atmosphere for your fall. Girls who like wigs may wish to take a look and choose one that suits you.

The gradient color of the autumn wig is the most popular, using matte high temperature manufacturing, highlighting the high quality, let you instantly become elegant and fashionable, the bangs in the middle let you change into a small face in a second.

The burgundy autumn wig hairstyle, the bright burgundy color is very white, and the high-quality hair looks very natural and beautiful, and it is quite feminine on the shoulder.
wig hairstyle

Long hair and waist autumn human hair wig hairstyle, highlighting the big temperament style, the new fashion style, brown hair dyed through the sun, more charming and beautiful.

Non-mainstream autumn wig hairstyle, medium-divided micro-volume style is very suitable for round-faced girls, fluffy and messy hair, let you instantly become a stylish fashion girl.

Wearing a wig can occasionally sell cute, oh, with a hip hop baseball cap, a yellow hair with a very high gloss, and one side of the hair is full of your little woman’s taste.

Fashion human hair wig hairstyle

Choose a good human hair wig, you can keep your natural hair, not damaged by chemicals, and you can try new styles. A good human hair wig, in addition to its shape, but also to emphasize its realistic connection characteristics, today take everyone to look at the following five super-realistic texture wigs.

Light brown straight human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face square face goose egg face
If the current hair color has become uneven and lustrous, choose this wig, and after wearing it, it looks as if it has just come out from the salon, and it has a glossy appearance, and the face becomes more white and red. The thin air feels like bangs and increases the fullness of the forehead. The same length of hair on both sides of the front can modify the angular lines of the square face to make the face lines softer. Long hair, in an instant, lengthens the proportion of height and becomes more elegant and dreamy.

Short brown human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face
If you don’t want to stick to long hair, choose this shoulder-length short hair is very suitable! Coffee color, fashion and fashion. Casual bangs are very easy to use to reduce the size of the face. This short hair is a straight hair type, straight hair short hair makes people feel more refreshing, very suitable for casual and free and easy MM! If you like big change, try a fresh short hair style!

human hair wig

Wine red curls human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face, goose face, long face
With a bit of wild temperament, coupled with the color of the wine red, spikes become the shining princess on the street. Without long enough hair wigs uk, it is difficult to make this long curly hair effect. After picking this wig, on the basis of the original, you can easily and quickly meet this wish. The curl is relatively irregular, belonging to the large volume, the tail of the inside and outside curling, very provocative taste. Very suitable for MM with personality and confidence!

Black long curly human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face, goose face, long face
Natural black hair color can instantly become very low-key and casual. bangs creation is perfect for refining the face and becoming more sweet and cute! Under the chest, the length of the curl above the waist, subtly changes the overall proportion, looks slimmer! Moderate curl, become More feminine!

Short human hair wig

Suitable for face: round face
This short hair wig wig adds a Korean-style feel to the kawaii like a Korean girl. Copper red hair color, very fashionable. The bangs with irregular lines are sweet and cute. The whole shape is playful and individual. If you want to change the monotonous long straight hair style, just choose this one!

Girls wig design: Korean wig curly hair style

This issue introduces girl wig design, Korean wig curly hair style, to see which one is more suitable for you.

Winter is coming, long hair is more popular in winter, can you cut short hair in summer, how can it stay long?  recommended big scalp girl wig design, Korean wig curly hair style, do not need to toss hair, can also be as beautiful as Korean goddess ~~

Korean wig curly hairstyle 01

Korean curly hair with waist, romantic curls that fall down at random, such a wig is quite a goddess fan, with a sense of air bangs, very age-reducing, suitable for wigs of big scalp girls~~

Girls wig design

Korean wig curly hair hairstyle 02

Brown-yellow Korean-style fake curly hair style, no matter what type of MM can easily hold, with the airy bangs, especially the young temperament, free to fall down the curly hair, charming and feminine ~~~

Korean wig curly hairstyle 03

The Korean style wig hairstyle of the egg roll is matched with bangs, and the effect of making a face is very good. This kind of wig is the most popular in winter, not only looks very beautiful, but also keeps warm in winter.

Korean wig curly hair hairstyle 04

The human hair wigs uk hairstyle for the big scalp girls, with the curly hair with superb curvature, highlights the wig fashion side, as well as the linen dyed hair, quite beautiful ~~

Korean wig curly hair style 05

Korean wig hairstyle, with bangs, very cute and cute, curly hair design, very Korean style, suitable for girls with big scalp~

The above several scalp girls wig design, Korean wig curly hair, which is your dish, take it away~~

What are the common tools that you can use to know hairdressing and haircut?


Massage comb: fat and round, there are many comb air cushions, the main function of this comb is to massage the scalp, promote blood circulation of the scalp, is very good for hair growth.

Bristle comb: The highest density, although there is no effect of massaging the scalp, but it can be used to comb the dust on the hair, and it is especially easy to use. White piglets are soft and suitable for small children (people who are afraid of pain).

Flat comb: The comb surface has only the thread instead of the entire surface. It can finish the flat hair. It is very suitable for ladies with long hair, so it is easy to comb the hair before going out.

Styling comb: It is a comb used for modeling with a hair dryer, also known as a professional comb. The appearance is long in the shape of a roller to facilitate the blowing of the hairstyle.

Plastic comb: This kind of comb is very common, it is easy to generate static electricity, tangled hair, but the pointed plastic comb can play the role of hair splitting.

hair dryer

Diffusion type tuyères: This hair dryer tuyere is an outwardly expanding shape, suitable for the curls that have just been shaped, so that it can maintain a rich, elastic and full texture for a longer period of time.

Negative ion type: Produces negatively charged ion particles during work, neutralizes the positive charge that is often found in the hair, so that it can be smoothed, smooth, and static.

Nano-ionic type: Ultra-fine particle treatment of water molecules in the air, increasing the water content by about 1000 times, moisturizing the hair deep, tightening the scales, thereby reducing the loss of moisture and nutrients, and having a good maintenance function. Suitable for very dry hair.

Ceramic infrared type: It is characterized by lower radiation than ordinary hair dryer, suitable for pregnant women and children.

Ultra-quiet: This type of hair dryer is usually lighter in weight, but the wind is not small enough for people who can’t stand the noise of blowing.

curls hair

curls hair

Sponge curling iron: The biggest advantage of this kind of curling iron is that it does not hurt hair. When you wash your hair and then dry it, use this kind of curling iron. Even if you go to sleep directly, it will not hurt your scalp. Remove them and take care of them the next day. Just fine. Suitable for small curls.

Sponge Bayer Hair Roll: It also does not hurt the hair. It has different diameters and can roll out different sizes of wavy curls inward and outward.

Sponge long hair curls: curling in the way of curling, does not hurt the curly wig, easy to operate. Suitable for rolling out messy, airy waves.

Sponge ball curling: Sponge-like curling ball, the biggest advantage is that you can sleep with it, no obvious foreign body sensation. The downside is that it is not easy to roll up.

Hair Dispenser: Put all the hair into the middle of the vacancy, roll up and then fold into a circle to get a neat ball head.

Hair straightener

Shape: X-shaped and V-shaped, X-shaped is the shape of the classic straight hair straightener in the early years, now more V-shaped, not only smooth and beautiful, but also can bear the functions of straight hair and curly hair.

Material: The ceramic panel is smoother and does not hurt the hair, and the aluminum panel is more damaging to the hair.

Function: negative ion type hair suitable for hair, steam type suitable for dry hair, nano ion type suitable for people with severe hair damage.

Card issue

Liu Hai style clip: After a special arc design huge width size, the whole piece of bangs can be wrapped in a complete shape, and the simple way of use can take care of the star-like curvature.

U-shaped hairpin: suitable for use when the hair is issued, which plays a fixed role.

Liu Hai magic post: When you feel that Liu Hai is in the way, and you are afraid of destroying the hairstyle, then just put this baby on the curtain and gently affix it, the curtain will be honest.

Disc hair tool: suitable for the use of the meatballs.

Ball head tool: You can weave the ponytail like a petal, bit by bit into a large flower-shaped ball head. Suitable for MM with more hair volume.

Spiral hairpin: As long as the hair is pulled out and then loosened, the hair can be fixed, which is very convenient.

Electric roller

Electric Comb: The curls also have the effect of combing the hair, making the curls more shiny.

Automatic curling iron: You don’t have to roll your hair on the stick yourself, just pull the hair into the circle and you can roll out the wave directly, which is very simple.

Spiral electric coil: It can make the hair curl more accurately, and the waves are more neat and regular.

Straight-type electric coil: As with ordinary curling irons, coils of different sizes are rolled out without a diameter rod.

Three-bar electric wand: The latest popular style, suitable for egg roll heads, can be used for large-scale curling, suitable for women with long hair.

6 ways to get rid of your hair

Hair is like our skin. If it lacks moisture, it will become full and supple, so moisturizing is also the key to hair care. Therefore, in addition to eating more fresh vegetables and fruits in daily life, you should drink as much water as possible, and choose to use moisturizing and shampoo and hair care products, and lock the moisture in your hair through proper care. To make the hair not licking.

Hair moisturizing care method

1. Before washing your hair, first comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb, comb the hair, comb it from the end of the hair, comb the hair that is entangled at the end of the hair, and then from the hair. The real hair wigs roots are ripe and down.

2. After the hair is wet with water, the water is adjusted to a slightly warmer degree. The overheated water will make the hair dry and more likely to be rancid.

3, start shampoo, do not directly pour the shampoo on the top of the head, you must first pour in the palm of your hand, both hands shampoo shampoo and then evenly spread on the hair, and gently massage the hair and hair with the fingertips, then Rinse the foam with clean water. It can be washed again and again, and the massage time can be lengthened, usually 2 to 3 minutes.

5. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. The purpose of rinsing the conditioner is to close the matte film. During the shampooing process, the matte film is in the open state, in order to rinse the conditioner. Turn off the matte film, the water temperature can be adjusted a little lower than when shampooing, use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to close the hair phosphorus sheet to prevent hair damage.

6. Finally, after washing the hair, dry the hair with a clean towel, divide the hair into three bundles, squeeze the hair care products into the hands, spread the fingers into the hair, apply evenly, starting from the bottom layer, The hair bundle is placed between the hands and gently massaged to help the hair fully absorb the nutrients in the protective product. The other two hairs are treated in the same way. Finally, the hair is combed with a comb and blown dry with a hair dryer. Note that the hair care product should not be applied to the scalp and can only be applied evenly on the hair.

This is a simple hair care method in daily life. Every time you wash your hair, you will do so. Soon your dry hair will become soft and shiny.

How to identify the real hair wigs

Wig identification method for real hair wigs

The method of burning can only be easily identified. The hair is mixed with chemical fiber, and some black-hearted traders have animal hairs such as horsetails, or some blended with hair that has been recovered from the barbershop and landed on the ground. Can not be identified by the method of burning

In order to let customers know more about the characteristics of hair quality, to purchase high-end Shunfa wigs, we have summarized the following method for identifying Shunfa:

Name explanation: The principle of Shunfa is that we have trimmed the hair whip. It must be undyed, not burnt hair. After removing the hair scales, it is called Shunfa.

Many people ask why it is better to keep the hair scales, because in order to fix the hair roots on the hair net during the crochet crocheting process, the hair is usually locked at the root of the hair net, and the hair after the discount, if there are hair scales It is very easy to tie knots.

real hair wigs

Perforation test

It can test whether the horniness of the hair surface, that is, the hair, is damaged.

1. What is the permeability? The transporosity of the hair refers to the ability of the stratum corneum to allow absorption and penetration of moisture and hair products. Everyone has a different hair penetration, and when the hair wig hairstyle is permeable, the transparency increases. If the color is uneven under the sun’s rays, the flowers with a lot of impure colors can basically be judged to be ground.

2. What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? The stratum corneum scales of non-permeable hair are flat and dry, and when exposed to light, they reflect light on average, making the hair look shiny, and the hair is not easily damaged when combed. The permeable hair, because the stratum corneum scales are open, the hair is not even, the light penetrates and can not reflect the light, and the hair looks lustre.

3, test method: lift a small number of small hair, tighten the hair tail, use your fingers along the hair shaft to slide down from the top to the hair root, if there is a rough feeling, it is permeable. It should be noted that different parts of the hair have different perforation, so it is necessary to test the perforation of different parts of the hair.

Elastic test

1. What is the elasticity of hair? It refers to the ability of the hair to be stretched and straightened and then returned to its original length. Healthy hair can generally be stretched to one-third of its original length. When wet, the elasticity of the hair increases. If the stratum corneum is damaged, the hair is permeable, thereby reducing the elasticity of the hair.

2, test method: first pick up a hair, use the index finger and thumb to hold the ends of the hair, then gently stretched to see how much hair can be stretched, and when the hair returns to its original length, the length has changed . Usually damaged, inelastic hair can not withstand pulling, easy to break

Middle-aged and old men’s wig care and maintenance

Cleaning of middle-aged and old men’s wigs

Washing male wigs is learned. When washing the wig, first immerse the fake in warm water (20~30 degrees is better) for about 3 minutes. When the water temperature is too hot, the life of the wig is reduced. In the process of cleaning, use a small amount of soft shampoo with hand-washing. Do not use excessive force or soak for a long time. Never throw it in the washing machine. It may cause the wig to be directly scattered.

Generally high-quality wigs may be woven from real hair wigs, so you can use some hair care products to keep the wigs shiny, such as conditioners, etc., but when you don’t use wigs for a long time, Wash thoroughly with water and do not leave any hair care products on the wig.

old men's wig

Middle-aged and old men’s wigs

Some advanced men’s wigs have adjustable hair clips that are adjusted to the most appropriate size, while the wigs are excessively pulled. As with normal people’s hair, do not over-stimulate wigs in time with wigs, such as being exposed to the sun, being soaked by acid rain, being pulled, etc., which is not conducive to the maintenance of wigs.

the placement of middle-aged and old men’s wigs

If the men’s wig is not used for a long time, be sure to pay attention to the method of storage. First, thoroughly clean the wig, do not let any chemicals remain on the wig. Before storing the wig, let the wig be completely air-dried and stored, and the residual moisture will cause corrosion. Store wigs in a dry, ventilated area to extend the life of the wig.

Wigs let you change your hair every day

The combination of curly hair and bangs exudes a charming charm while modifying the face.


The slanting bangs of three or seven points, the messy curls at the end of the hair, the femininity is revealed casually.


The slanting bangs have a soft sense of lines, and the airy movement of the curls makes the whole look quite charming.


The neatly arranged bangs and the dynamic straight hair pear hair tail combination collide with the most fashionable girl style.


The curl is very gentle, giving a gentle and quiet feeling, plus the sweet Mocha color, bringing a friendly and intimate feeling, it is an attractive lady hairstyle.


The reddish-brown hair is soft and gentle, and the eyebrows of bangs are the secret of losing face and age! This long hair wig is perfect for girls who are quiet and temperament.


The thin and sleek long hair wig, the one-size-fit bangs and the light gray highlights of the hair color are as charming as the heroine of the anime game, absolutely killing the otaku!