Personality wig recommendation

Personality wig recommendation

In daily life, many exaggerated hair color still make many people stop, so when you want to change the hair style occasionally, the wig is the best choice!
In order to meet the needs of various people, today’s wigs are constantly being added by trend people to more trend-oriented elements.

Personality wig

Contrast between the wigs with strong contrasting colors, focusing on the delicate cuts, the tails of the inner buckles will make your chin more attractive and enhance the wig’s realistic level. Keeping your eyes will not be weird. If you go out for a lap, you must be on a special road on the road, and the rate of returning skyrocketing.

Personality wig

After wearing the bob head wig, is it completely different? The light color of the light gold is dark brown, just like the young and ignorant girl hits the mature woman who is deep in the world, half records the past and half explains the present.

Personality wig

Solid color
Jinguang’s shining wig, Qi Liu under the flashing eyes, abandon the conservative hair color, long curly hair is still full of gas, wig shape is done well, the degree of fashion elegance has increased.

Personality wig

Light yellow wigs are not high-profile in human hair wigs shapes. With long curly hair, it is low-key but gorgeous. The bangs in a half-moon arc will block your head shape that is not perfect enough. Even a girl with a little baby fat can perform the same thing.

Personality wig

Big wavy wigs are also the easiest to accentuate, feminine and enchanting.

Personality wig

Mix and match
The dark gray and white hair wig, after wearing it, changed the taste of the cute little girl on a weekday, full of metal, filled with a strong personality that does not easily compromise with the world.

The broken bangs on the metal wig can be used to show the pure and cuteness of the little girl.

How to wash the wig to get smooth

How to wash the wig to get smooth

Fiber wigs are useless, can’t change, only pruning themselves, whether it’s real hair or chemical fiber wigs
Be careful when washing your wig.

If the wig is curly, it must not be combed with a comb. If it is knotted, it can be applied with a hot hair in the knotted area. Then take care of it. Do not worry! Be sure to be slow and patient!

Wig care

If it is very hairy, it is not easy to deal with, because you need to buy a wig to protect it! It is the same as the clothes!

The hair wigs are like this, it’s been a long time. Or love static electricity, especially straight hair, when it’s okay, use softener and water to put it in a small watering can. When you have no time to spray a spray, how much will be better. After the spray is finished with a wooden comb, there is no way to scrape it off with a scraping knife.

Or just wash it. But first tell you, washing is not worse than it is now. When washing, use hair conditioner on the hair while grabbing and combing with a comb. After washing, it must be washed clean, hung in the natural dry, no matter when round Things hold your hair up and won’t deform!

Boys hair style Recommended

If you want to become a trendy boy or a male, it is definitely a hair style. Sometimes a hairstyle can change the image of a person. What kind of hair does the boy look good? The following hairstyles.

Boy short hair shovel

Boys hair style

This short haircut that shovels off both sides of the hair is one of the most popular hairstyles of the influx of men, not only makes the face look more three-dimensional, but also refreshing and handsome. Then put the Liu Hai comb together with the hair on the head.

Korean boys short hair

Boys hair style

This Korean-style short hair that looks very gentle is also popular and sought after. It is made with fluffy make-up to make the head shape full and beautiful, and it is also very visually rich. Plus the classic brown hair color matching, it is perfect!

Shark head

Boys hair style

Shark hair type is the favorite shape of many trendy men now~ First of all, you should shovel the hair on both sides, and then use the styling products to create the shark head. It is not only very simple but also suitable for boys. They bring endless handsomeness and charm.

Refreshing short hair

Boys hair style

The clean and refreshing short hair can be very revealing to the boys’ youth and sunshine. The hair designed by the nine-pointer is full of personality and full of good looks. Then shovel the hair on both sides and reveal the bright forehead. The boy’s three-dimensional facial features and exquisite face are instantly fascinating.

How long is it better to dye hair

It is necessary to know that the hair dye is harmful to the human body. After all, it is a chemical substance. Too much hair dyeing will definitely affect the health of the body. Next, I will tell you how long it takes to dye hair. It’s better to love it.

How long is it better to dye hair?

Hair dyeing is the use of pigments to dye the color of the hair into the new color that you want. It has become fashionable. Young people are free to change the color of their favorite hair, with stylish clothing and makeup.

However, the frequency of hair dyeing is not only affecting the health of the body, but also affecting the hair quality of the hair. Therefore, it is best to dye the hair for three months, so that it will dye hair four times a year. In fact, dyeing hair twice a year is the healthiest and correct. In short, it is best not to dye hair.

Some young people think that they are young and good, and they are not afraid of anything. Although it is not affected by frequent hair dyeing several times, the potential hidden dangers of the body in the long run are unpredictable. Therefore, it is usually less hair dyed, not to lose health for beauty.

What issues should I pay attention to when dyeing hair?

It is best for young people to dye their hair. Try not to choose the hair dye that fits the roots of the hair, reduce the contact between the scalp and the hair dye, and reduce the risk of harmful substances penetrating into the scalp. The scalp will also penetrate into the head. The brain in our head is also very important and should be protected.

The dyeing of the middle-aged and the elderly is generally started from the hair roots, but it is best not to do so. Because the physical fitness of middle-aged and elderly people is relatively poor, such large-scale hair dyes are likely to cause allergies and even cancer.

Pregnant women and lactation must not dye their hair, in order to control the health of the fetus. Friends with skin diseases and allergic diseases, skin ulcers, blood diseases, asthma, etc. should stay away from hair dyeing.

I hope that all of you who love beauty, for health, still need to dye less hair, less hair! Health is the most important thing! If you really like different hair color, then wig is a good choice.

Fashion wig wearing tips

1, wigs can not try to heat, electric coil, dyeing, scorpion, pruning and other physical processing can generally be carried out. The wig does not require special care and care. It can be combed with a cartilage rib brush and a large wooden comb at the time of wearing it. When the wig is temporarily not in use, the hair clip can be clipped in the direction of the corrugation; the wig cover should be removed before going to bed, and placed in a ventilated place.

2, wigs are usually cleaned every 3 to 7 days is the most appropriate. Before washing, first use a coarse tooth soft brush or a loose toothed wooden comb to gently comb the top and bottom to clean the dirt and dust; then put the wig into warm water with special detergent (water temperature 25 ° C ~ 30 ° C Preferably, after immersing for 10 minutes, the wig is gently rinsed by hand while combing the bond on the wig with a comb. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, gently blot the water on the wig with a dry towel, apply a little hair to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place, dry it naturally, and then fix it with a curling iron or blow it. When not in use often, you must use a plastic bag to seal the collection.

“Smart” wig

Think about it, why do the famous models on the T stage especially love wigs? Because they need to change makeup quickly! Moreover, they do not want to add more heat to the dyed, hot, and dyed hair. Yes, it takes only a few dozen to buy a wig blind, and different styles of wig curtains, only a few minutes to change hands, save a lot of time is not counted, but also avoid the damage to the real hair, so that you can at the least cost Become a beautiful woman! Wig curtain wear and care

How to wear a wig blind?

The key is to leave a “fulcrum” for the fixed wig curtain!

Step 1: Grab the front hair with one hand and comb the hair with the comb for a few times with the other hand. The purpose is to make the front hair slightly swell.

Step 2: Twist the fluffy hair into a twist, and fix it with a U-shaped hairpin, then bundle the hair high.

Step 3: Take the top of the twisted tweezer as the “fulcrum”, put the wig curtain on top, and finally carefully arrange the junction of the wig and the real hair to make the effect more natural.

Tips: When choosing a wig curtain, first measure your head circumference; too small wig curtain will have a sense of oppression, affecting the blood circulation of the head, causing headaches, dizziness, etc.; .

How to care for wig blinds?

Whether it is pure human hair or wig of man-made fiber, it will be polluted and dirty after being used for a long time. Therefore, it is best to sew a hair net in the hair sleeve before using the wig, which is helpful for fixing and easy to clean. .

Wigs are usually worn 4-5 times. Before washing, use a coarse tooth soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the top and bottom to clean the dirt and dust. Then, put the wig into warm water with detergent (water temperature 25-30 ° C). After soaking for 10 minutes, the wig is gently rinsed by hand. When rinsing, the comb on the wig can be gently combed with a comb. Be careful not to leave the fake in the water, otherwise it will cause the wig to fall off and break; finally, rinse the wig with clean water, gently blot the water on the wig with a dry towel, and hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

Korean wig hairstyle to create a fresh fashion girl

Frequently changing the hairstyle is too hurt, what do you want to be beautiful and too lazy to spend time? At this time, a beautiful wig is the best choice! Here are a few wig hairstyles recommended for everyone, come see…

This is a short wig hairstyle. The oblique bangs play a very good role in modifying the face shape, while the inner buckle has a tail and is stylish.

Such a black natural roll wig, with green clothes, looks elegant and moving.

The long straight hair is a weight reduction tool. This long straight hair wig looks MM more pure.

Don’t put the shoulders on one side of the ear to reveal the delicate facial features, a felt hat, a pair of modern girl feel.

This side-by-side large roll of bangs is perfect for beauty, and the light brown long curly hair with a bright makeup makes it more delicate and sweet.

The oblique bangs highlights the perfect face shape, while the tail hair is slightly upturned and cuts, giving a stylish wig hairstyle.

This Qi Liu Hai pear flower hair tail micro-curly type, instantly repairing a lot of age. Demonstrate the feminine atmosphere of a small woman.

A wig hair style with a romantic roll, no bangs design + light brown hair color, very sweet!